Who we are

Travel Tamegroute is a family business, originating from berber and tuareg tribes. Their extensive knowledge of southern Morocco, and expecially the desert, is transmitted over generations. The Aabi family offers a unique approach to authentic Morocco, almost intimate. Kindness and joy are always there.


Tarik was born in desert. When his older sister was enrolled, the nomad family decided to settle in Tamegroute, a village on the edge of the desert. Together with his father, he founded the travel agency when he was in his early twenties. He organises your perfect holiday tours in Morocco, shows you the most beautiful places in the south, leads you into the desert and leaves nothing to be desired. Tarik speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish, of course Berber and Arabic. And he loves to be inspired by the different lights and colors of the Sahara.


Grew up in the Great Atlas mountains at the foot of Mount Magoun, which is the second highest peak of Morocco. He speaks English, French and Arabic fluently and of course Tamazight, his mother tongue. Sallam picks you up and drives you savely everywhere in Morocco. He has a sense of humor and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Sallam is a videomaker as well, interested in documentary films, short films and vlogs. He got the opportunity from BBC News Arabic crew to show his videos threw the BBC TV. The most seen of his reports is about festival of roses in Kelaat Mgouna.


Abdou is the houskeeper of Tinfou camp. He cleans rooms and dishes and makes you feel comfortable. Additional he is an admirable and secure driver.


Houssin, Tariks cousin, welcomes you at the Travel Tamgroute shop in the Medina of Marrakech.  And he is your perfect guide for short trips in and around Marrakech. With his work he fends for his family – as all the other members of the Travel Tamgroute team. Houssin speaks French and English very well. He was fascinated of foreign languages since he was a child and likes reading English and French literature. “Reading a book is like a travel”, says Houssin. And finally: If you like to have a great party in Marrakech – Houssin knows the best places.


Out of his nomadical background he was in touch with tourism from an early age. After working as a soldier for nearly five years and living some years in Scottland, he returned to Morocco, where he now works as an offial touristic guide and personal trainer. Abdelhadis main passion is running ultra Marathons. He guides the guest of Travel Tamegroute to desert and to other incredible places, always a smile on his face. He loves to share and to exchange experiences. “I want to keep the guest pleased and happy”, says Abdelhadi, who takes care on the small details, that make a perfect holiday.


Ali is an excellent cook. He knows all the old recepies, that are handed out from generation to generation among the Berber tribes. He also shows you, how to bake bread in desert sand. Ali is father of six children. Being a member of the Travel Tamegroute team, he fends for his family and enables his children to be well educated. Ali is the creative mind of Travel Tamegroute and the boss of Tinfou camp. He is an excellent painter as well. And after spoiling you with a delicious dinner next to the open fireplace, he plays the banjo and makes you forget all sorrows of everyday life.


Sofyan guides you in Moroccos cities, for example Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes and in the pottery and historical library of our village Tamegroute as well. He is an accredited national touristic guide and has a master degree in English studies. Sofyan is highly socially minded: “I enjoy working with physically disabled children and with cooperations of Moroccan women”, he says. Sofyan will convey not only the beauties and secrets of the Kingdom of Morocco to you, but the social dimensions of everydays life as well.