Pottery Manufacture

At the main square of Tamegroute, you find seven ovens. Seven ovens, belonging to seven pottery families. Each family has an oven and  own atelier, built of clay. Every family member has individual tasks and skills. The art-form and handcraft of pottery is carried over between generations.

About Our Cooperative

There are 25 people of the village, that are involved in producing pottery, men and women. In the shop, which is directly connected to the pottery and led by Tarik Aabi, the typical green pottery is sold. The shop owner takes a low commission, 95% of the earned money go directly to the families, who produce.

Due to tourism and due to the pottery, the families of Tamegroute are able to live a self-determined life while keeping their tradition and their authenticity.

Impressions Of Our Manufacture

On Instagram we show you everydays life of the potter families of Tamegroute. If you would like to visit our manufacture and watch realtime manufacturing, you are welcome.

Workshops For Everyone

It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone can learn how to make pottery. Trainings take place in Tamegroute, directly at the local handcraft manufactory, you will be advised by qualified potters. The duration of the workshop is from three to seven days, depending on your individual wish.

For those, who are interrested, it is also possible to learn pottery decoration with Henna drawings. Of course everybody can finally take home the own creations.

Private & Group Workshops

Our workshops are available for groups as well as for single persons. You are working about two hours mornings and two to three hours in the afternoon. Lunch and tea breaks are included. We organise workshops depending on your individual wish.

Art For Sale

In this gallery we are presenting our traditional pottery but also handcraft, which is handmade in our region at the entrance to Sahara. Generally we are shipping worldwide. Please note, that in Morocco there are different companies who are shipping to different countries. So if you are interested in buying our pottery, please write us, which products you are interested in, and we will do our best to find out the best shipping rate for you. Of course you can cancel the order at that time if the shipping costs are too high for you.

As all the pottery is handmade by different potter families and every piece is unique, the weight of the products may differ, as well as the shades of colors.

Happy Students

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- Rakib Hasan