Our Mission

Travel Tamegroute is actively participating to economical and cultural evolution of local habitants, including women and children.

We are supporting, also with the assistance of some of our customers, FOUMSOUR Association from Tamegroute, association for developpement, cooperation and education to preserve the environnement. All the members are performing an outstanding job.

Sustainable Tourism

Our activity helps preserving a part of the local population, as we are mainly buying local goods and all our employees are originating from the region. This limits the desire to migrate to big cities or other countries.

Choosing Travel Tamegroute for your holidays also means using a more ecologic travel agency compared to bigger structures with a very limited impact on the nature and its ecosystem.

Want to help?

You can bring clothes, shoes, school material … lots of families are very modest and we all can make a small contribution. Of course we are glad if you visit us in our manufacture and take a piece of Tamegroute back home.

Meet Berber People

Travelling with our agency, you will also have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the Berber tribe, its culture, traditions and way of life, with stops at their place, for moments of sharing and conviviality around a good tea with saffron or a delicious ‘home’ tagine.