Darbouka workshops (oriental drums)

Darbouka workshops (oriental drums)

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Darbouka workshops (oriental drums)


  • Discovering the own creativity
  • Feeling the rhythm of another culture
  • Playing oriental drums under starry sky


The lessons are mainly held in the desert or within palm trees gardens (depending on the season). They are given by real musicians. This is a moment with intense emotions in places appropriate for soul freedom and creativity.

Days and nights are cadenced by darboukas sounds. Overnight and dinner either in tents or outside, depending on the season.

1 day (including overnight in desert)

Vegetarian meals on request. The meals, we prepare for you out in the desert, are made of fresh ingredients that are mostly produced in our region.

Our prices may vary, depending on HIGH OR LOW SEASON, as well as on the SIZE OF THE GROUP. Ask us about your preferred tours, we are always pleased to offer our cooperation and make you a personalized estimate. All our trips and workshops are subject to change, depending on your needs and wishes.

Workshop, overnight, meals